Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Project 18: Thermal Gloves for Pants

I wanted a quick knit present for Pants, so I whipped up these thermal inspired mitts for him to wear under his snowboarding gloves.

He's not all that into them, though, the colour bothering him more than the shininess, so I don't think I'll be making him anything else any time soon.

I like them, though, and I'm going to use the remainder for a pair for myself.

Pattern: Made up, based on how I remembered Thermal, which was incorrect.

Yarn: Noro Aurora, colour 8, about half of two skeins (1 ball)

Needles: 4.5mm circ

Made for: Pants

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Project 17: Evangelines

I made these Evangelines as part of Mmmmmalabrigo March over on Ravelry.

The pattern was well written and easy to understand, but I just don't like the cable pattern. Why I couldn't figure that out before I knit them, I have no idea, but I think I'll give them to mumsie instead of keeping them for myself.

I did an extra cable repeat but otherwise knit them as instructed. If I were to do them again, I'd give the thumbs more stitches and change up the cable pattern.

Pattern: Evangeline, from Magknits

Yarn: Mmmmalabrigo Worsted in Sealing Wax, about 1/3 of a skein

Needles: 4.5mm circ

Made for: mother, I think

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Project 16: Nephling Hat

This teeny, tiny hat was made in Albury, for the nephling, who has us all completely under his spell.

Pretty simple project, made from my default hat pattern, the Spiraling Hat, to coordinate with the Kipling I made for his baby shower, it made a pretty good (if I do say so myself) Easter gift for a tiny who isn't allowed chocolate.

We're hoping it gets cold enough for him to wear them before they're outgrown. I'll try to get a modeled photo, he's very cute.

Pattern: Spiraling Hat

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Aran in Seafoam

Needles: 4.5mm circ

Made for: our nephling

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Project 15: Chocolate Spiraling Hat

Life got pretty out of control last month, so I have a rather large backlog of finished projects to get through, starting with this staple, a Spiraling Hat for the gift box.

I made this one in the car on the way to Albury a few weeks ago, where the godfetus was in hospital. She's doing ok at the moment, but it was scary for a while there and she will have to be taken to Melbourne for her birth, but we're taking each day as it comes. She's 24 weeks, so fingers crossed she chooses to stay where she is for a few more months.

Pattern: Spiraling Hat

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky in Chocolate, 1 skein

Needles: 10mm dpns

Made for: someone, surely

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