Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blog Action Day

Crimson Rosella
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I believe that we here at Spiraling are pretty environmentally responsible. Our niddy noddies are made from recycled hardwoods, our sock blockers from reclaimed boards and our fibres sourced locally and often processed from fleece.

I ride a vespa and Pants drives a diesel Land Rover which are both consumption responsible vehicles, although we do have a couple of motorcycles that aren't as friendly as the vespa, but are certainly more friendly than most cars.

We recycle, reduce water usage, avoid fast food and imported goods.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with our collective footprint.

However, I'm about to catch my fifteenth flight for the year.

Fifteen. Four of which have been international.

Outrageous. I travel for business, I'm currently in a motel in Nth Qld, but I also travel a lot for pleasure. Pants and I went to Radelaide to see Hilltop Hoods perform with the ASO earlier this year and to Melbourne for his Birthday.

There are plenty of carbon offset programs, it's easy enough to click that button when you book a flight, but something makes me hesitate.

I want to do something a bit more personal, so Pants and I are going to go to a friend's farm and plant trees. Then I'm going to chase the pregnant alpacas around a field.

This little guy is a crimson rosella I met on a recent weekend at Bendalong. See? Mother Nature doesn't hate me for all the air travel.

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