Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yarn Storage? Sorted.

I've begun the laborious task of logging and transferring my yarns over from my old workspace into the bunker.

This task is made slightly more bearable by the fact that a. I love counting stuff, putting it into spreadsheets and analysing data, and b. I've found the perfect storage solution for me.

I found these plastic shoe containers at my local $2 store, and picked up 35 of them.

They're particularly good for sock yarns (a good hunk of my 132 skeins can be found in the pile above). One of those boxes has 18 balls of Bendigo Miami in it!


2paw said...

I actually saw these boxes in Chickenfeed ($2 shop) yesterday when I was buying toys for The Labradors. They look very roomy. I have never heard of Bendigo Miami, what is it??? All the wool looks very nice all boxed up too!!

zephyrama said...

A much better idea than plastic bags. These would stack as well. Must find some.

As for a spreadsheet, bad idea, not in your life, partner might find it!

Anonymous said...

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