Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dead Spinning Wheel

Dead Spinning Wheel
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For the record, I hate the Ashford Traditional. In fact, I hate everything Ashford makes, I hated the Ashford 'villiage' in Ashburton, NZ, and I hated that all of their salespeople knew nothing about fibre or spinning.

I look at the ashford wheels and wonder why they decided to forget aesthetics and produce wheels with function and no form, especially when their function isn't so hot and their prices don't reflect their ugly.

That said, I've managed to pick up a cheap Traditional somewhere along the way (in Canberra, actually, it came home in the backseat of the land rover) that I pretty much hate.

MItzy is pants' wheel (though I use it overwhelmingly more), the Peggy is mine, but lives in my mother's living room and the Roberta is my workhorse, production wheel.

That said, I'm excited now, because we're modding (or as Pants says, Rodding) the crapford into a super spinner. It involves welding, checkerplate and detatchable parts, which is kind of exciting.

I hope pants finishes up today, or at least next week while I'm in Qld again for three days.

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MissVicki said...

I am beginning to learn about Asford's quality myself. I have only been a spinner for a matter of weeks now, but already my Student drop spindle is broken. For the record, it did not break because I dropped it, it dropped because it was broken. The hook came clean out, the whorl is just too heavy for the tiny hook to support condisering the shaft is just standard dowel. I am still trying to fix my dead drop spindle :-( I had hoped it was an isolated incident, but after reading your post, that does not seem to be the case.